Out of the castle (The Worlds of Aurelia)


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Annotation The girl with a beautiful name - Aurelia gets from the real world into parallel, adapts to it, and opens the unusual abilities helping her to overcome the various tests which she faces, finds friends and love. During the travel she gets acquainted with a set of the creating beings – people, who thanks to their gift which is differently shown, create and keep the existing reality. Over time she learns to understand and accept surrounding reality, other people and herself. Getting to different adventures and getting out of them, she solves problems, important for herself, defines the place and the mission.   ***

... The Flickers are people who never close the eyelids. If they suddenly blink, the world will change for the other. For the parallel one. Their red eyes with frantically moving pupils are showing the tense inner life, invisible to everyone else. Most often, they are sitting motionless along the roads and living silently behind never closed lids...

... The reality was still too young and finite. Probabilities still entwined in a new, fluttering in the breeze web. And everyone could make a contribution to it. Placing around the world creating beings made and held the reality, occasionally dropping out and moving to any parallel and made their contribution to the creation of a new alternate reality...

… At first sight, everything was simple: you fell asleep - woke up - blinked and got into paradise, more precisely, in that world where everything was like you wanted. However, actually the person appeared in that world which he fitted, but not in the world he imagined. But, the difficulties were also in controlling the abilities, to be protected from persons who wanted to use the gift and its carrier …

… But the true difficulties arose when there was no transfer of knowledge and training. When the child with age got known about the gift and tried to manage it, to accept, learned to cope with it without support and understanding …


The grief in green eyes dazzled, put in pictures of her past, making to see and feel everything she felt. Aurelia listened silently, she tried to understand. And suddenly she realized, she got the feeling of sadness and grievous loss and wish to cry and shout. She felt power which helped to keep all that inside, making a rough stream of the running river turn into a bog where other life, not similar to clear water of a strong feeling would arise over time.


She was sometimes sincerely sorry that she couldn’t explain to her companions, how exactly she felt the life, the world, the power. Probably, she didn’t have to share; after all, everyone had their own world. After several half-conscious days when different pieces of her vision were collected, Aurelia understood that The Traveler was right, she had to doubt everything. First it seemed to the girl it would lead to loss of reality that she could lose a link to the present and she would have nothing to hold for her consciousness. But it was vice versa. It led to understanding that she was the personality, who was not attached, didn’t belong to some certain world, she existed out of conventions, and the reality of her own existence was the only constant which was not a subject to doubt.